Easily Buy Bitcoin With Your Credit Card

In terms of types of assets, bitcoin has shot to the top of the class, crushing equities and gold in its meteoric rise. This cryptocurrency’s excellent performance has not gone unnoticed by companies, investors, and Wall Street analysts, and it shouldn’t slip past yours, either!

The adoption of bitcoin has hugely accelerated worldwide, with the number of users increasing by many millions recently. And wallet numbers are just one small aspect of this story. How many people are holding BTC in personal wallets is overshadowed by the number of retail investors who are content with leaving their bitcoin with the kind of custodians you will find recommended here.

Whether you are new to the world of bitcoin cryptocurrency or somewhat experienced in it, buying it with your credit card can be a bit confusing. It does not have to be this way, however. Our expert team not only honestly rates and reviews the various exchanges that let you purchase this way, but we also detail exactly how to do it. You will also find hints as to what to do with your bitcoin once it’s purchased here, along with an outline of some of the benefits of buying it this way.

You will need a bitcoin wallet before you start buying, for some exchanges anyway, and we are happy to help you in this department too. While there aren’t too many of them, rogue exchanges do exist. That is why we began this business. We research and investigate them all so that you don’t have to and can simply sit back and start buying, selling, and trading with total peace of mind.

The Basic Procedure

While each exchange will have a slightly different approach to buying bitcoin with your credit card, once you understand the basics, you will be able to handle all the variations on the theme.

Sign Up at an Exchange or Log In to Your Account

Fill in the form after clicking Sign Up or similar and confirm your personal details. You may have to send the exchange a copy of your ID. After you’ve done everything required, login to your new account.

Choose from the Payment Processors

Click on your name and a drop-down menu should appear and Settings should be viewable. Select Banking Methods or similar and look for a way to Add a Payment.

Choose the Card Payment Option

Click on Credit Card and enter your information. Please note that you may be limited to using only MasterCard or Visa, and enter the usual data, your name, the number on the front of the card, the month and year of the expiry date, and the CVC number on the back of your card.

Choose Bitcoin and Enter the Amount

Select Destination and Proceed

If your credit card has been added successfully, you’ll get a confirmation of your transaction.

The Benefits of Buying Bitcoin This Way

The first advantage of using your credit card to buy bitcoin is how simple it is to do. It’s the same process that you use to buy all your favourite items online. The fees are very reasonable as well, as long as you stick to the exchanges we’ve reviewed and ended up recommending, and delivery is instant. You’ll get your bitcoin immediately after your transaction has been completed.

Buying with your credit card also allows you to take advantage of dips in the price of bitcoin even when you don’t have ready cash on hand. And, depending on which card you use, you may also be able to take advantage of extra rewards for paying this way.

When you use your credit card, you’ll be able to pay in fiat currency which is not possible at many exchanges. This makes it a very attractive banking method for people buying bitcoin for the first time and want to keep the transaction private. It’s also fantastic because there’s no delay in receiving the cryptocurrency as there would be in the case of purchasing it via a bank transfer or PayPal, for example.

Because we all are very practised in using our credit cards online these days, and how simple credit card interfaces are, it’s a very user-friendly way to buy bitcoin, too. Credit cards are our recommended method of purchase for first-time bitcoin investors because of this. Bank transfers often take many days to process, making it not only inconvenient to pay this way, but dangerous as well. The longer your transaction takes, the more vulnerable it becomes. The sheer speed of a credit card purchase is probably its biggest benefit.

Tap Into the Potential

Bitcoin is a very hot investment these days as both a resource and because it’s such a popular cryptocurrency. Browse our site to find out everything you need to know about it and trust that you’ll be dealing with legitimate resources every time. Our team has long experience in this industry and have ensured that all the resources we provide are properly researched, factually delivered, and up to date.

Once you’ve purchased your bitcoin, there’s a range of things you can do with it:

  • Donate it

Certain charities accept bitcoin so may be able to donate yours to a worthy cause.

  • Send it

It’s very easy to transfer bitcoin worldwide.

  • Spend it

More and more traders are starting to accept bitcoin and you can use yours to buy things you want or need.

  • Store it

Hold on to your bitcoin until it increases in value so you can cash in on the difference.

  • Trade it

With our help, you can trade bitcoin for 150+ different cryptocurrencies.

Let’s Work as a Team

With bitcoin’s bull market continuing its rise, there are many onramps for buyers just like you to chase that momentum. If it keeps growing in popularity like it’s widely predicted to, you’re looking at even more dramatic movements in its price than have been evidenced previously. And we’re here to make sure you can cash in!

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